Poetic Lyrics: Cast Into The Sea

This song was originally recorded by a Hollywood record company with the title, Driftwood.  I have since recorded my own version of it.  I have always thought that the lyrics read like poetry.


Cast Into The Sea lyrics by Mark Alberto Yoder Nunez

My life has been like a pebble cast into the Sea
And the ripples were lost in the storms of humanity

And I know you will find me and give me back what has been lost
We’re just two pebbles that washed up along the same coast

And our lives are just a season in the course of Eternity
And when our Summers come it will be the time for you and me

And when our seasons end and our seeds have all been sown
The reaper doesn’t look so grim
Was there ever a plan or was it just the way we’d been thrown

Well, I go I know not whither to fetch I know not what
And you’re the one who sent me here and now I know that is my lot

And I feel just like a stranger in a foreign land
And I don’t know how, how to get back

My life has been like a pebble cast into the Sea

To listen to my song go here: https://soundcloud.com/markalbertoyodernunez/cast-into-the-sea


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