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Libraries and non-profits: The Spider Lady and Other Short Stories and Poetry

At this point I feel compelled to honor the non-profits and libraries that have made my first book available.

AspenCat Colorado Library Consortium Check out eBook

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library North Carolina Check out eBook

Uintah County Library Vernal,Utah Check out eBook

Academic Books Denmark Non-Profit Paperback for Sale

San Francisco Public Library Check out eBook

Friends of San Francisco Public Library Buy Paperback on eBay

Stinson Beach Bolinas Libraries Marin County Check out Paperback

World Cat Askews and Holt Library Services UK

Kalamazoo Public Library Check out eBook

Indie Bound

Indie Bound is a non-profit that was started to help independent bookstores throughout the USA and Canada to be able to set up a system of selling books online in order to help them compete with the huge online book sellers that included mega online department stores. The idea was to save independent bookstores for local communities that did not want to see their favorite bookstores disappear. For bookstores that already had websites Indie Bound would add eCommerce web pages with buy pages for books. Customers could then order the books online and have them delivered to their homes or pick them up at the bookstore. The bookstores could have the books in stock in their stores or the books would be sent from the warehouses of Indie Bound. For bookstores that did not have a website Indie Bound would set up an eCommerce website for them. Some of the bookstores are university and college bookstores. I am proud to say that Indie Bound chose my book for its independent book sellers to sell if they chose to and it has been almost two years now. My book has sold out on Indie Bound twice and is now fully back in stock again!

The Spider Lady and Other Short Stories and Poetry |

Book Shop

Book Shop is a non-profit that grew out of the economic distress caused by the covid-19 crisis. It’s goal has been to save local bookstores by helping them to sell books online and through direct donations. Currently Book Shop is at $14,744,102.33 raised for local bookstores. Book Shop is powered by Indie Bound which means that Book Shop uses the same eCommerce platform that belongs to Indie Bound. The books are shipped from the same warehouses of Indie Bound and they are the same books that Indie Bound has in stock. This is why as soon as Book Shop went online my book was on their website. Indie Bound and Book Shop are associated with ABA, American Booksellers Association. Under the radar Ingram which is a distributor to local bookstores and a self publishing company is associated with Book Shop. It is easy to see why they would have an interest in seeing that independent bookstores survive.

The Spider Lady and Other Short Stories and Poetry, Volume 1 (

Book Shop UK

Recently Book Shop has extended its influence to include helping independent bookstores in the United Kingdom. Since my book was already on Book Shop in the USA it was automatically on the new Book Shop UK.

The Spider Lady and Other Short Stories and Poetry (