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McArthur Street: Creative Non-Fiction: Episode One

McArthur Street Downsized

All evil seems to arise from the desire to dominate others.
Most men in our society are taught from a very early age to try
to dominate. It isn’t something that they think about
consciously. It operates at a subconscious level. They are
taught by the adults around them and their peers. Someone
dominates them and they in turn try to dominate others. They
do it without even realizing it and they do it without even
thinking about why. It is without question. In their conscious
awareness they may aspire to grandiose ideals but their actions
speak for what really motivates them from a subconscious
-Mark Alberto Yoder Nuñez

When was it? When I started sixth grade and I was still ten
my older brother, Daniel, the oldest of the family, a year older
than myself, made friends with a boy in his class, Jimmy. It
turned out that Jimmy lived on the next street to the north of
ours, a street called McArthur Street. Our street was called E.
Illinois Street. It was unusual to meet someone who went to
our own school who, also, lived in our neighborhood since we
went to a Catholic, parochial school miles farther away than
the local public school. This was certainly a novelty. So it
was in a mood of high spirits that I went with my older brother
on a warm, Tucson, Saturday morning to visit in a foreign land,
McArthur Street, the street next to ours.

Jimmy was standing in his front yard expecting us. It was
the second house from the end after crossing the street. The
day was already growing hot in the desert climate. Jimmy was
much taller than my brother. He had blonde hair and was very
Caucasian looking with his pale skin. My brother introduced
us. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits.

I think the first thing that made a serious impression on me
about that first meeting was when Jimmy talked about the boys
who lived in the corner house next to his. It was a neat
looking, little house with a low chain link fence around the
front yard, a nicely mowed lawn and well cultivated flower
beds and shrubbery with a shady tree in front. Jimmy said to
watch out for the boys who lived there because they were
really ba-a-ad. Having never met Jimmy before and being a
child, together with the fact that he seemed an amiable enough
boy, I decided to trust him with the things that he said.

We were looking toward the house across the street and I
saw a very pretty, teenage girl walking in the front walk
towards the front door of the house. She had bouncy, medium
length, dark brown hair and she smiled at me with a big, nice
smile showing her white teeth. Then she went into the house.
Jimmy said that once she went out on a date with a guy on
Saturday night and he didn’t bring her home until the next
morning. I had to think for a moment about what Jimmy was
trying to imply. With the tone in his voice it sounded like he
was trying to put this pretty girl down. I liked her. I wasn’t
going to pay attention to what Jimmy said.

After this we had made our way to the gravel and dirt
driveway of Jimmy’s house. Suddenly a younger boy came
out of the house on the other side of Jimmy’s. He had medium
brown hair and came running up to Jimmy like a happy puppy
excited about meeting new friends. Jimmy said, “This is
John.” Jimmy then promptly started hitting John over the head
with a rolled up newspaper he had picked up from the
driveway. The poor boy ran away crying back into his house.
I was horrified at what I had just seen. Jimmy simply resumed
his conversation and invited us into his house to show us

At this point I suppose had we been a little older and more
experienced in life we would have seriously started to wonder
about Jimmy. However since we were charged with the
euphoria of something that is so important to children at that
age, making a new friend, together with how nice Jimmy acted
towards us, we accepted his friendship. We went with him into
his house, met his mother and accepted his hospitality.

It wasn’t too long after this that one Saturday my brother
took me along with Jimmy to meet another friend of theirs on a
long trek, miles away, beyond St. John’s school. This boy was
named John, too. He was in the same grade as my brother and
Jimmy. He had brown hair and was tall like Jimmy. John had
a nice, big house with a very large yard and an apple orchard
adjacent. He took us out in the middle of the orchard. It was
cool and pleasant under the shade of the apple trees. John had
very short hair like a crew-cut and stood up very straight. He
actually seemed slightly taller than Jimmy. John was the kind
of guy who wore buttoned sweaters and sometimes would wear
a turtle neck dickie under his shirt. He was very conservative
looking. This was the mid-sixties era. John seemed like an
intellectual, scientific looking kind of a guy. He seemed
almost a bit aristocratic in the way he spoke. Walking back
toward his house John pointed out his tree house in the back
yard. It wasn’t like our tree house in our back yard which was
just a wooden platform in the tree limbs made of scrap wood.
John’s tree house had plywood walls and a roof. John had
electricity and a television in his tree house.

We went into John’s house and Jimmy and John suggested
that we play a board game called Risk. They wanted to be on
one team and have my brother and me be on the other team.
Not knowing any better we agreed. It didn’t occur to us at the
time that Jimmy and John knew how to play the game and we

In this game there was a map of the world and various
armies in different colors with equal numbers of pieces. Each
team member received two armies and the world was divided
evenly between the two teams with an equal number of
countries. At the beginning of the game each team was
supposed to distribute its armies across all of its countries.

My brother and I logically assumed that we should
distribute our armies as evenly as possible in all the different
areas to protect against attacks. John and Jimmy to our
surprise left the minimum of one army in most of their
countries and massed the bulk of their armies in a few areas.
We soon found out why. Everything was decided by the roll of
the dice but besides the roll of the dice odds were taken into
account based on the number of armies engaged in each battle.
So therefore the roll of the dice could be in our favor but the
odds in terms of the number of armies could be so
overwhelming that we would still lose the battle. While we
were losing armies they were gaining armies. We of course in
our turn attacked only their countries that had minimum
protection and kept gaining countries while they were only
losing one army at a time. It wasn’t long that we had control
over most of the world but had lost most of our armies. The
armies we had left were thinly spread while Jimmy and John
had armies massed in a few areas. The tide of the battles
turned completely against us as the odds were so high against
us that we soon were losing every battle. Even when it was our
turn to attack we were faced with battles we couldn’t win.

At this point we wanted to just quit and end the game. John
and Jimmy said that we couldn’t and that we had to finish the
game. We finished out the game to satisfy our new found
friends but we were reduced to a state of total demoralization.
Even when I asked again to quit the game they were insistent
that we had to finish the game. I couldn’t help but wonder
what kind of people are these? If they had wanted a good
game they would have had an inexperienced person on the
same team with someone who knew the game. Instead they
wanted to crush and dominate. They weren’t interested in a
fair game.

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New Poem: The Ugly Bird

Old Man Downsized

Male, white supremacy is an ugly bird
It rears its head at childbirth as this truth comes to be heard
Doted on, spoiled and privileged so how would a small child
In ignorance carefully taught with words and imitation
That men are superior to women in every situation
Girls are emotional, Feminine is silly and frivolous
Men only are obviously fit to rule, stoic and without emotion

Those who complain of discrimination and harassment are
obviously losers
This world is a tough place, there’s no room for the weak and
As they’ve been taught with their high school jock mentality
Say you’ve had a hard life, they’ll say, “I think everyone has”
Point out to them they have advantages and privileges
They’ll say, “What does it matter?”
It only means that people have to try harder                                                    If it’s that bad just find another job, that’s always the solution

Secure in their minds that old, white men in dark suits, the only
ones fit to lead are taking care of everything
If they’re put in a situation where they are treated equal
They cry reverse discrimination to tilt everything back in their

With no ambition, confidently waiting for their parents to die
So that with an inheritance they will be richly rewarded
Their friends convince them the key to happiness is avoiding
Convinced of their superiority and that all they have
is through their own hard work and ingenuity
Don’t mention to them the hard work of their wives
or their faces will grow red with anger
Getting in good with the bosses is the key to an easy life
When confronted with tough issues
They switch to talking about sports, something important
When workers stick up for their rights
They know whose side they’re on
And make it a race issue with divide and conquer tactics

Insecure about their own social position, unhappy with their
Lashing out with jealousy, any reason to hate to justify what is
If their self esteem is hurt, simply drop more bombs
So they can watch it on their televisions
And cheer with glee and they can gloat

This ugly bird consumes the nest, worries the mother
And feeds upon the young
War is peace, Love is hate and Ignorance is bliss
Just as the book of prophecy says


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Burglary at the House on Wednesday

The House 001Photo by Mark A Y Nunez
I left my sister’s house on my bicycle after dark on Wednesday and arrived at my parent’s house around nine at night. My parent’s house is being sold and is mainly vacant except for a few of my things. Some of my family members still have some things in the garage. Most of my possessions are in the garage. The garage is detached from the house and faces out on the alley. I had been staying overnight at my parents house but had been staying away for a few days because the real estate agent who is, also, the buyer would be coming through with appraisers. I saw the wooden gate on the side of the house was slightly open but that happens because it doesn’t latch well and there is always wind. When I went into the back yard and looked at the garage door it was open!I went into the garage and saw that a large speaker for my professional music amplification system was missing. The microphone case with my best microphone had been moved. I opened it and the microphone was missing. Strangely my best acoustic guitar was there. I went and saw that the big wooden gates for the driveway at the side of the garage were closed but the wooden board that secured it to keep the wind from blowing it open was set off to the side. Whoever had entered the garage had pushed the door with such force that the bolts had broken through the wood of the doorway.

I called my sister to tell her and was asking her if she thought I should call the police. I decided to call the police and report it because I felt that if people saw that the police came the people who were responsible would be less likely to come back. Others who might think of breaking in would, also, stay away. When I went to call the police I was standing in front of the big, wooden gates of the driveway next to the garage. I heard a voice saying, “Excuse me”. It was a neighbor man with his wife. They were saying they saw people in our yard and that they had a break in on Sunday with things stolen from them. They said they wanted to see in the garage because they knew the house was vacant and they thought the criminals may be storing stolen merchandise in the garage.

In the meantime I was already talking to the police and a police unit was on the way. I opened the gate and let the police talk to the man. He lived a few houses up on the other side of the alley. I introduced myself to the young man and his wife. Their names are Yesinia and Andy. They are Chicanos. The man said he saw six people in the yard. This was at 5:30. When he saw them coming out carrying the speaker he said to them, “I see you!” and they dropped the speaker. He said the police had taken the speaker. He handed me my lost microphone. Apparently they had dropped it on the ground.

A black policeman came in a big SUV truck. He took the report after we all went into the garage. When I told him that the neighbors had been burglarized on Sunday he asked them if they had reported it. They said, “No”. He asked if they wanted to report it now. They said, “Yes”. They said they had a bicycle and two TVs stolen. The neighbors said five of the people had been arrested but one had gotten away. The policeman asked the neighbors to describe them. They said they were all tall and medium build and they were all Hispanic. They described their clothes including a Raiders hat. They said they were around twenty except that two were teenagers around 16 and 17. They said the one that got away had a full beard and was scruffy looking. Yesenia said he always hangs out on E street and she knows where he lives on F street. The couple said they got a good look at all the guys and they know who they are.

The policeman asked them to describe the police officer who took my speaker. They said he was a white guy and he was tall and slim. The police officer came with my speaker. I asked if he needed it for evidence and he said no, I could have it. The first police officer went off to talk more with the couple. The second police officer offered to help me secure the door to the garage for the night. He explained that some of the hardware is ornamental and has small screws. He found longer screws in the garage to secure the metal to hold the bolt in place. He said that would make it impossible for someone to push on the door and break the wood. The piece of metal didn’t line up right so he asked if he could remove the molding to put the metal piece on the side of the doorway. This temporary fix worked.

Since then I have fixed the door and replaced the molding around the door. I have tested the speaker and microphone and they work. I thought the microphone clip to clip the microphone to a microphone stand was missing but I found it with one of my other microphones. I called and left a message with the policeman who took the report saying there are fingerprints on the little glass window on the door. I noticed a hand print on the door when the officers were there but the texture of the door wouldn’t allow for fingerprints.

I haven’t heard anything from the police officers but I assume they will get the gang members to plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid a court case. It is more likely I might be called in as a witness to the previous burglary on Sunday with my neighbors if they can find proof that it is the same people responsible. I was very lucky that my neighbors were looking out for the burglars and stopped them when they did. This is not a good thing to happen in the middle of selling a house. Now I am spending every night at the house. My sister can’t complain that I am wasting electricity by leaving the outside light on that is on the garage next to the alley or the back patio light.

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