DIY Book: The Spider Lady and Other Short Stories and Poetry: Message from the Author

The Spider Lady and Other Short Stories and Poetry by Mark Alberto Yoder Nunez

After the fact that now my book has become quite successful internationally and has gained a lot of attention I am willing to admit to not only being a self-published author but, also, a DIY author. Far more than most. For those who don’t know DIY means “do it yourself”. I, also, can rightfully claim to have published an indie book. For those who don’t know indie means “independent”.

What does all this mean anyway? Indie means either a book published by a small independent press as opposed to a major publishing company or, as in my case, a self-publishing company. This is basically a jab at the mainstream publishing and literary world that have become more and more monopolized. Although one could argue that the mainstream pays attention to the independents to look for new talent who have potential.

As far as DIY is concerned in fact I studied Graphic Design but never got a degree in it. However I learned enough to design my own cover for my book, do the page layout myself and send a PDF file, print ready, to the publisher without paying for “professional graphic design services”. My book includes my own artwork and photography going back to even my high school art portfolio. In essence I made my book as personal a statement of myself as possible. Although one could say that my book is not a handmade book printed on an old fashioned printing press and is mass produced on modern high speed offset lithography printing presses it is still a “do it yourself book”.

In addition my book is a “print on demand” book. This means that there is no first printing of so many hundreds or thousands of copies with the hope of a second printing if the book sells. The book is not even printed until a retailer, wholesaler or distributor orders copies printed and shipped. In other words it is unlimited how many copies I can sell. In fact anyone can go to my self-publishing company, Book Baby, and order a copy personally printed for $20. This is a price that I have set that cannot be changed unless I change it.


Mark Alberto Yoder Nunez

No. 2 on Meistgefundene Bücher im Februar 2020

No. 13 Printed Book; No. 62 eBook on Meistbestellte Bücher im Februar 2020

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