A Story For Mother’s Day: The Grandmother



The little boy was in his grandmother’s kitchen eating milk
and cookies.
He solemnly looked down at his plate of cookies as he sat at
the kitchen table.

He came to his grandmother’s house every day after school for
milk and cookies before going to the library to do his
His grandmother was busy in the kitchen, washing and drying
She had her back to the grandson, busy with her work.
“Grandma”, she heard the little boy say.
“Yes”, the grandmother said while drying a baking pan.
“What’s wrong with girls?” the grandson asked.
“What do you mean?” replied the grandmother.
The little boy was still looking down at the table.
“When I go to the library these girls sit at a table near me and
they tease me”, the boy said.
The grandmother stopped what she was doing. She turned
around to look at the grandson, leaning back against the
kitchen sink and looked thoughtfully at the little boy.
The boy had never looked up from the table and was solemnly
chewing a piece of cookie.
After a pause the grandmother said, “Maybe the reason they
tease you is because they like you”.
The little boy continued to eat his cookies and drink his milk in
Then the boy stood up, put on his backpack with his
schoolbooks inside and scurried toward the door.
The grandmother turned around to watch him and said, “Where
are you going?”
The grandson stopped at the edge of the open, back door
without looking back. After a few seconds he said, “I’m going
to the library!”

He darted out the back door, jumped from the back door steps
and ran round to the side of the house to let himself out the
gate. He ran through the front yard to the sidewalk happily on
his way to study at the library!


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